Owner’s Engineering

 Our enriched experiences will be your straight to prepare your vision into reality.

RCT Solutions’ services ensure a smooth and safe project development. Team of international experts with the leverage of German standarts will be on your side for every step of the production, technical evaluation, site master plan and on-site execution.

Project Preparation

> Support in contracting an EPC partner

> Support in setting up a business plan

> Functional specification of shop floor requirements

> Precise equipment specification

> Preparation of tender documents

> Evaluation of proposals received

> Support in contract negotiations with equipment suppliers

Dedicated on-site services

> Supervision of equipment manufacturing phase

> Acceptance test of equipment: FAT, RFSI, SDIP, SATs

> Move-in and hook up audit

> Commissioning audit

> Ramp-up the project and Technology Transfer with audit

> Progress reports and performance verification

>  Training the personnel and progress the audit

>  Payment request evaluation

>  General project management support

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