Connecting the dots

Innovation meets creativity and comes to live in RCT Solutions.

Making a difference is in our DNA! It is a priority for us to determine the way we live and work when we became the technology solution partner of our customers. 

More than 20 years of renewable energy experience helped us to shape our legacy and ability to connecting the dots in each part of the renewable facility we serve.

By connecting the dots, we provide solutions even the most complex situations, overseeing obstacles and focusing on what’s that matter for a succesfull photovoltaic installation.

We drive innovation
As one of the pioneers of the photovoltaics industry, we drive innovation with our turnkey services worldwide.

We are aesthetic
Solar production must be functional. Yet it should be translated into visual aesthetics. Creating an aesthetic master plan, executing an accurate project management is the key for efficiency.

We care for nature
We think green. Because we know nature itself is the best physician.

We are progress
The industry change. Our successful production lines around the world has proven themselves in terms of availability and process stability. We know each project needs its own requirements. We progress on each solutions we provide everytime, anytime.


We are human
We are more than your solar technology solutions partner. With our worldwide engineering teams, we celebrate the collective minds and balancing the way we serve.

We have the knowledge
Implementing 20 years of experience into solar manufacturing. We know how along the entire PV value chain.

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