RCT Solutions - The PV Technology Company

We develop wet chemical production equipment and process steps, advanced solar cell technology, implement upgrade packages into your production facilities and ramp up Greenfield Projects.

Our inline wet chemical production tools represent the latest generation of production equipment, adressing advanced cell concepts like PERC or bifacial solar cell architectures. They were designed to provide highest process perforamnce at lowest cost of ownership.

With RCT’s Multi PERCT cell technology multi crystalline solar cell efficiencies can be pushed above 19%.

As a unique feature, this technology enables the manufacturing of bifacial multi crystalline solar cells by using finger printed metallization on the rear side instead of full area Al-BSF. RCT is the world’s first technology provider achieving efficiencies above 18,5% on the front side (rear side efficiency above 15,7%) for bifacial multicrystalline solar cells in a production environment.