RCT Inline Equipment Family

RCT is the leading company in development and implementation of wet chemical processes for advanced cell concepts with more than 20 years of experience.

Design of the RCT product family is based on the knowledge of today’s requirements for tomorrow’s cell concepts.

With over 15 years of equipment manufacturing for the PV and PCB industry RCT develops state-of-the-art inline wet chemical production equipment for the PV industry.

In 2015 RCT Solutions established a strategic cooperation with Chinese public listed company Boamax to jointly produce high tech wet chemical as well as automation equipment for photovoltaic application.



Members of the RCT Inline Family

RCT i-Tex

Inline saw damage removal and acidic texturization equipment

RCT i-Side

Inline edge isolation, PSG / BSG etching and cleaning equipment

RCT i-Clean

Inline SiO2 / PSG / BSG etching and cleaning equipment

RCT i-BlackTex

Inline black silicon texturing of DWS wafers

RCT Automation

Automated Loader and Unloader for 5-lane inline equipment

High Performance Acidic Cleaning

Surface-near frequent chemical exchange for high-performance metal impurity cleaning by combination of immersion and hydrodynamic circulation of acidic solution

Advanced Alkaline Cleaning

  • RCT equipment uses immersion-style advanced alkaline cleaning to avoid KOH contamination.
  • Usually KOH spray clean causes visible contamination of the wafers and the machine.
  • By RCT style alkaline cleaning potential efficiency losses are avoided.

Efficient DI water cleaning and reduced consumption

  • More efficient DI-water cleaning due to improved rinse bath performance 
  • Up to 30% reduced DI-water consumption due to unique cascade rinse design  
  • Enlarged flow volume and spray bar quantity for more efficient wafer cleaning 
  • Improved cleaning uniformity by special design of nozzle spray bar 
  • Unique quick-lock system for spray bar fixing for easy and safety maintenance